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Welcome to the Cultural Gallery of the Philippine Embassy in Australia! This is an online platform of resources curated by the Embassy for the Fillipino-Australian community and anyone who is interested to learn more about the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines. We invite you to explore this webpage for videos, photos and activities on Filipino cuisine, art, tourism, language and many more.

The Calamansi Story

The Philippine Embassy in Australia in collaboration with the Department of Tourism of the Philippines and The Entrée Pinays launched "The Calamansi Story" video to promote calamansi as a wonder fruit of the Philippines. The Philippines is one of the largest exporters of calamansi globally.

In "The Calamansi Story" video, The Entrée Pinays share their perspective on how calamansi represents a story of lives and livelihoods and how it has become a living connection for Filipinos in Australia to their Motherland. The video was first shown in Canberra during the Filipino Christmas Dinner at Pialligo Estate on 09 December 2020.

Fides Santos-Arguelles, co-founder of The Entrée Pinays, shows how to prepare two simple dishes, kinilaw na hipon (cured prawns) and pineapple mojito punch which highlight the unique flavor and versatility of calamansi. Calamansi concentrate is available in specialty stores around Australia.

The Entrée Pinays is a group of enterprising Filipina-Australians working together to bring Filipino cuisine, culture and community to the hearts and minds of Australians.